Stylish Elegant and Discreet Videography

Stylish Elegant and Discreet Videography.

Kingscourt & Darver Castle

When Laura and Aiden booked their autumn wedding they never thought they would get tree splitting sunshine!

Well that's exactly what they got as they exchanged their wedding vows in the picturesque setting at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Kingscourt Co. Cavan. The Church is set at the top if a hill and the Cooley mountains were clearly visible in the background. The love struck young couple then made the journey across two county borders to Darver Castle in the flat lands outside Dundalk, Co. Louth. This is the highlights from their wedding day.

Platinum Certificate of ExcellenceFull 1080 HD Video Blu-ray Disc DVD Video Certified IAA Drone Pilot Certified CAA Drone Pilot

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