Stylish Elegant and Discreet Videography.

Stylish Elegant and Discreet Videography

Derrynoose Solo

Promotional Video filmed and edited with a voice-over for Derrynoose GAC as part of their 'Derrynoose Goes Solo' fundraiser.

The aim was to raise enough funds to develop the Car Park to include designated road structures, walkways, traffic bays, turning circles, correct drainage and provisions for future development. We have carried out an preliminary car park design and have further capital projects in mind to better the club and benefit the Youth of the Community.
On Saturday 24th September:
• A football / sliotar will go non stop from our club grounds to the lyrics of the song “The Boys from the County Armagh”.
• The route follows the towns mentioned in the song and is 75 miles in total.
• Over 14 hours 150 runners, will run half a mile each.
• All Runners will receive a specially commissioned Jersey celebrating the event and all its sponsors.
We are partnering the Southern area Hospice and shall collect money in every town along the Route for this great cause.
To get involved call any of the numbers on screen or through any of our usual social media channels for more information.
Thank you to Tullynagrow Fuels, our events main sponsor. All sponsorship will be noted by your company/ family/entity name on the commissioned jersey that the runners shall wear throughout the event and also with the placing of a sign on the timber fence in the car park for 5 years.

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