Stylish Elegant and Discreet Videography

Stylish Elegant and Discreet Videography.

A wedding I filmed in Cabra Castle in June 2015 will be featuring a clip in the second part of ITV's "Wedding Surprises, Caught on Camera" on July 19th 2016 at 9.00pm. The clip was very popular at the time, see can you spot which one it is. The first part airs on July 12th at 9.00pm.

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Any couples wishing to book their wedding film or arrange a viewing I offer an appointment system. This makes sure you have my total attention while while discussing the details of what you would like as part of your wedding film. Times are fairly flexible with evening and weekend slots available right up until 9.00pm.

When you book an appointment I ask for a mobile number. You will receive a text message reminding you either on the day or the day before. The text message also includes a link with directions.

Massive thank you to every for your continued support, my YouTube channel has today just topped 3.3 million views.

Well here it is the most viewed video from 2015 it was filmed in 2010 and posted online in April 2014 but is still generating thousands of views weekly.

to date Fr. Ray Kelly singing Secret Garden's 'You Raise Me Up' has been viewed 2691530 times with 302590 of those views in 2015 alone making this the top video on my YouTube channel this year.